A review of 2017 and what do I hope for 2018 #Nurture1718

What a year! Politically the world has gone mad! Brexit, Trump and North Korea to name but 3! 

However, personally it was also a pretty mammoth year.

So what did I think might happen? Well, lets have a look.

I had hoped to keep up with Twitter and ed events but as it happens I have been pretty crap for reasons coming up! I never made it to Northern Rocks due to illness and I can’t remember the last time I joined in an educhat. Ho hum. That’s life. 

However, I have made it on to Twitter every day nearly in order to share something; my photo a day project! I have once again managed a whole year of photos. This is my 6th full year in the 10 since I started! So great to have a tonne of memories to look back on. My family and friends are so used to me taking photos now which leads to many more being taken! If you’ve never had a go, why not make 2018 your year? Here’s a link to my 2017 in photos. 

In my post last year I talked about singing entering my life again in the form of BackBeat A Cappella.  For 1 reason coming up I haven’t been there as much as I’d hoped but the group and individuals within it are very much part of my life and I look forward to seeing what 2018 brings. Our first competition was a triumph, even if we were robbed of a place or two! We have some exciting songs to learn this year as well as getting ready for convention. 
In my post last year I talked about my new toy, my baritone sax. I love it! I got some fantastic responses from my class with it. Even if a couple took a few sessions to get used to it! More of the same for the 2nd half of next year. 

As for work, I am still at the same school. The right job move never came up. That is still on the horizon so I shall see what the year brings. My first change however will be part time later this year. Excited to see if I can find a better work/life balance. 

I did do my middle leaders course but sadly for the complications below I never managed to do my final presentation so don’t get my certificate 😦 

So how come there were so many things that didn’t happen or were not quite what I had planned? Frankly it is all about family! 2017 saw the creation, baking and arrival of a 2nd son for us! S arrived very speedily in October. It was a rough pregnancy with terrible nausea to begin with, the return of spd and the crutches during 2nd trimester and the diagnosis of gestational diabetes at the start of the 3rd! I can’t thank my family enough for their support during my pregnancy and a special shout out to Jo Paterson, the creator of the website Gestational Diabetes UK. That website and the accompanying facebook group were a total life saver for me.  Not enough is known about gestational diabetes and people assume it is the same as type 1 or 2. It isn’t and the current nhs advice sucks! Please take time to have a quick read on Jo’s page to educate yourself. It could be your wife, daughter, sister or friend who get it. 

I am now in the throws of sleepless nights, breastfeeding on demand and changing nappies. Please don’t ask me “is he good for you?” Because what you mean is, “is he sleeping through the night?”. No. He isn’t and I’d be worried if he was. That’s not natural for a child of his age, especially one who is breastfed! He is good for me in many other ways though. He gives me great eye contact. He recognises my voice as well as that of his dad and brother. He makes the most gorgeous cooing sounds and has started to have a “conversation” in this way. He can briefly track an object or a person too. My friends working with the most profoundly disabled children like I do, will know how amazing all that is and how hard we work on that with our very special learners over much longer time frames than the 10 weeks S has been alive! I can’t wait to see how he grows and develops over the next 12 months. Such an exciting time! 

I plan on making the most of my maternity leave this year. Attend some classes, starting with Baby Sensory, which appears to be very similar to what I do at work! When I return to work in July it will be tbe biggest change in my 16 year career. I am going to be part time! I am sure it will take a little getting used to, sharing a class. But I am hoping that it will provide a better work life balance for me. I am excited about the change.

As for the rest of my family over the last 12 months? Well Joe has done amazingly well with his weight loss and fitness. He ha fully embraced the Man v Fat ethos and is slimmer now than I have ever known him over the last 15 and a bit years! If you have a male relative or friend who wants a kick start to their weight loss have a look at Man V Fat Football. It’s a great idea. Joe is so dedicated to the cause that he got up at 4 something one morning to appear on BBC Breakfast, playing football live on the show! It’s great to see him feeling so confident in himself and looking fantastic. He’s also made friends along the way.

2017 saw B complete infants and move up in to the juniors! He loves learning and is full of knowledge, especially when it comes to maths and science but he does find the writing hard going. He continues to play football after school with WFA which he adores, playing even in the wettest and coldest weather. He also continues to make steady progress in his swimming. He finished stage 3 early in 2017 and is 85% of the way to achieving stage 4, though what is left is pretty tricky stuff!

We continue to spend a lot of our weekend with family and friends. It’s what makes us happy! In the summer we combined our family holiday with spending time with friends. As I had both gestational diabetes and severe spd at the time I couldn’t get out of our lodge much. So having my friend Claire there was fab. Our boys are only a few days apart and get on so well together. They would go out with the dads and I had some company! The Liverpool lot continue to feature heavily in our lives. A great group of friends and the kids all get on so well. I am lucky to have some great friends and I see no reason for that to stop. It just gets a bit trickier for us all to get together and all fit in a photo together! 

We are very lucky to spend a lot of time with our parents. I love seeing B and now S’s relationship develop. Many happy memories together. I hope for plenty more of this in 2018. We’re off back to the Yorkshire Coast for our family holiday this year. I can’t wait! 

So although 2017 was not quite what I had planned on the whole, it’s been amazing! Roll on 2018!