2017- Looking forward

Having looked back on my hopes for 2016, the next logical step is to set some new hopes for 2017! 

So seeing as most people who read this post will have done so by clicking a link on Twitter, I’ll start with that. I love Twitter! So many interesting people on there. I met some of those for the first time this year like the lovely ladies Nancy and Lynn who I met at Primary Rocks in Manchester amongst others. A good chat with the Orrsome Rachel Orr was another highlight of a great day. I am looking forward to going again this year and maybe meeting some more folk and catching up with others again. I will also be attending Northern Rocks in Leeds again in June. It will be my 3rd time and it is always so interesting. This year I got to meet the very interesting and inspiring Jarlath. I have chatted with him a fair bit, and that day was no exception. I have his book still to read, I really should get on with that when I get time! I also finally got to meet the lovely Sue Cowley whom I first “met” many MANY years ago as a trainee teacher when she was researching one of her books! 

So, I plan on still using Twitter to keep up with what is going on in the world of education. Special Ed can be quite isolating so it’s great to keep in touch with othere in special as well as Primary and Secondary colleagues. Lots of debate happens, usually I’m watching but step in if I am passionate about something. 

Many people on there have been great friends and given great support such as all the lovely ladies I share my photos with and the lovely Mary, Claire and Betsy who have given me great wisdom. 

More of the same from me I think with regards to Twitter. 

My singing has taken to the front towards the end of this year as I mentioned in my review of last year. BackBeat A Cappella is my new performing outlet and I am super excited about where this is going. I have made some great friends and learn something each week. We did a small performance in our last rehearsal in December and it reminded me that there is nothing like performing! It’s fabulous me time too and has nothing to do with teacher me, mummy me or wife me. It is about me, Nichola! 

I am also going to enjoy my new instrument! Tomorrow I’m off to buy a baritone sax! I am super excited about this. I used to play one as a teenager but it wasn’t mine and I had to return it to Kirklees music service when I left the group. I can’t wait to see how my class respond to this new sound! I already use my clarinet in class so it will be an interesting contrast! 

I look forward to seeing how B gets on this year. He is growing so quickly. It doesn’t seem two minutes since we announced I was pregnant (7 years ago today we told folk outside family and close friends infact) yet here he is 1/3 of the way through Year 2. I am sure he will have plenty of learning challenges but I will be there to support him all the way. I am sure this year will also involve the losing of teeth and growing even taller! He continues to make slow and steady progress in his swimming lessons so we shall see how this year goes. 

I hope to continue to see my family. Joe and B during the week and going with them to see my parents and inlaws at the weekends and school holidays. I love the relationship B has with his grandparents and I want that to continue to grow as well as the 3 of us doing things together (when we have holidays at the same time!) August we have a trip down south booked and I am really looking forward to that, especially our own personal hot tub! 

Professionally I hope that this year is the year of change. I look out for the right job, be that a move sideways or slightly upwards. I want to stay in Special Ed but I am ready to move on. I will finish my middle leadership course and continue to work hard on my project for that.l which will continue long beyond my course. It might be the year Ofsted pops along to visit us. It will be the 4th time at that school and many more than that as a trainee and teacher! Interesting to see how the process changes year on year and how what they look for changes too! 
So to sum up? Progress and change and being brave I think sums things up. 

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