A Review of #Nurture1516

Wow, I kind of forgotten I had written this. I’ve been a bit rubbish with the posts in recent months. Work has felt especially busy this term so I haven’t written anything for months! Sorry!

Anyway, lets look back at what  I said this time last year. I split things in to 5 sections so lets see how many have positive things to say about them.

  1. Photo a Day. Well I have mostly managed this. I stopped uploading them in mid November (can you tell when work got really hectic?) but I have still taken them and may at some point get around to uploading them! I love how taking photos makes you look at life a little differently, and it gives you great memories to look back on. 2017 marks 10 years since I started first doing a photo a day project so it will be good to carry on with that next year!
  2. Performance. I said I wanted to get performing again this year, after the enjoyment of my dancing show. Well, it’s not dancing but I have found a new creative outlet! I am now a proud member of BackBeat A Cappella, a ladies chorus. I started alongside 2016-12-15-21-17-45lots of other ladies with this new group back in September. We have come such a long way in such a short space of time and I am excited to see where we go from here. I have already made some great friends as part of this which is lovely.
  3. Family. I think I’ve done ok here. My son and husband still know what I look like, though at times it’s been hard work making sure I get all my work done at times and still see them. We still visit my parents and my inlaws frequently and I love spending time with them. Me, Joe and B went to London for our 10th wedding anniversary and had an absolute blast! We walked for miles and miles (a marathon in 3 days!) and saw lots of the sights, B seeing them for the first time. More of the same next year I hope!
  4. Cooking and Baking! Well my love is still the sweet stuff, my baked lemon cheesecake went down well at the BackBeat Christmas get together and my pavlova has gone down well a few times this year. I have also been a bit more creative with savoury stuff as my husband has joined Slimming World and is doing really well. He’s lost over 2 stone since September and I am super proud of him. I even made Slimming World friendly Pavolvas in the run up to Christmas for him to take to a  taster session! I’m a good wife 😉
  5. Work. Well I said I wanted to move and I still feel like that, as I am still in the same place. A few interviews done, and no negative feedback means that the right job just hasn’t come up yet. I keep my eyes open for the next opportunity and continue to learn from those around me at work, on Twitter and I have self-funded a middle leadership course this year to develop my own knowledge. I still adore working in Special, especially working with those at the lowest levels of development.

So, in reflection, it’s been a pretty good year! Lots to work on for next year I think.

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