Northern Rockin’ in the Free World

A fab poem from Sue. How lovely to get a mention!

Freeing the Angel


I’m driving up North on a hot Friday night
It takes me six hours, ‘cos there’s traffic to fight
The hotel is strange, but that just doesn’t matter
‘Cos Lisa and Sam and me have a good natter.

I meet Rachel Rossiter; Rachel Orr too
And yes, she has on the most ORRsome shoes
Tim Taylor arrives, with a duo of heads
But before too long, it is time for our beds.

On Saturday morning we head to the venue
Fantastic presenters are on today’s menu
Hold onto your hat and pull up your socks
For it’s time to get started with Northern Rocks!

We head to the gym and squeeze into our seats
For now is the first of this Saturday’s treats
The panel is ready, they will not be tardy
I give a big hug to Emma Ann Hardy.

I look to my left. A few seats down…

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