Nurture 15/16

So it is that time of year when, having already looked back (see my previous blog post here), I now need to look forward.
I like doing this. Each year since starting this review/look forward it has felt good to try and be positive about the coming 12 months, knowing that some things will happen as you plan them. Others you will fail miserably at and others things will appear from nowhere and change your life for the better.

So what do I want to achieve in the next 12 months?

1. Firstly I want to continue with my photo a day project. After 3 full years starting in March 2010 I had a break and in 2014 I only managed 6 months. However this year, with just 3 days to go I am still going! It is great to look back on, as I don’t follow hints or lists, I just go with whatever. Sometimes this is incredibly dull, especially when I realise as I climb in to bed that I haven’t taken one! However it sums up me and my life in all its forms. Onwards and upwards for 2016!

2. Secondly I want to do some kind of performance related thing for me. I started the year in choir, saw that come to an end but also had the chance to dance and perform on stage again. That felt fantastic and was such an amazing experience. I am pondering finding a new choir to join as that is probably easier than finding a suitable dance class. Most adult classes are for beginners and I am certainly not one of those when it comes to my tap which I just adore. We shall see what 2016 brings in that respect.

3. Thirdly I hope to continue to support and spend time with my family. Ben is growing up oh so fast, his time in Y1 is 1/3 done already. He randomly asked my mum if he could have his 6th birthday party at their house this summer, so he obviously enjoyed the previous 4 he has had there! I think my husband Joe sometimes forgets what I look like in term time as it’s not easy to get that work life balance right, but I do try. This coming August marks our 10th wedding anniversary so I hope that we can do something special to celebrate that. Not sure what yet though doubt it will be a trip to New York like we said when we were on honeymoon there!  I continue to try and see as much of my family and the inlaws as we can. Most of my weekends are spent doing this but it’s so important to me that I see them and that B has that relationship with them too. He loves his grandparents and is lucky to have all 4 of them and 3 surviving great grandparents on Joe’s side. What a lucky boy he is.

4. Fourthly I look to my kitchen. I have really discovered a love for cooking and baking again since moving as our kitchen, dining area and family living area are pretty much one big L so I feel like I’m not cut off. My parents bought me a KMix for Christmas so that’s another boost to my desire. I just need to learn to do more savoury and not always reaching for the cakes, though my family and colleagues don’t appear to be complaining!

5. Finally I look towards my professional side. I have learned so much from friends and colleagues at work and also from the amazing community of Tweeters, too many to mention. I am looking forward to meeting up with some of them at Primary Rocks in Manchester and Northern Rocks in Leeds. Do say hi if you see me at them! These events are a great thing and show that teachers are proactive in their learning, regardless of what stage in their career they are.  I also feel like I am ready for a change of school. Not easy as I adore working with children with the most severe and complex learning difficulties an this is a small select group but I am keeping my eyes peeled for the right job. However, I continue to give my all to my current school and class. Always looking for the next idea for how to make little but important steps in the children’s learning. New ideas, new songs, stories, approaches or even an app can all help to fuel my interest and ideas in my head! I’m also going on a rebound therapy course next month so I am really looking forward to that!
So I think that’s it for now. So much more I could say but let me be realistic in wanting to achieve most of what I write!


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