#Teacher5aday update. 1/2 term complete.

At the start of the year I joined in the Teacher 5 a day idea, the brainchild of Martyn Reah.
So how have I got on so far? Here are my thoughts alongside my original thoughts.


I love my job for the chance to connect with some of the hardest to connect with children in society. I love working to work out what that eye blink, head turn, skin colour change or vocalisation means and have such joy when I or a member of the fantastic staff team I work with manage to make that connection. For me this is crucial and I don’t want it to fall by the way side.

Away from work I also want to connect more with my local community. I have recently moved and I am loving the community feel here. I plan to make sure I become a part of it over the next 12 months.

Well I continue to work hard to connect with the children at work. Somehthing to keep working on.
With regards to the local community? Well I am making an effort to shop local where I can. It is monthly market day on Saturday and I shall be going along with my pennies to support local businesses.  I am building friendships too mostly mums at B’s school. Still need to work at this.


At work I feel like I never stop. Always on the go, only sitting down to get on with the paperwork, or so it feels like. However this is clearly not enough as I am not as fit as I used to be. I really am going to try and get in to a routine of doing something. I want to do aqua aerobics as my knackered body can cope with it, but if not, even just a few songs on Just Dance on the XBox a few times a week is my minimum challenge.

So this has taken a bit of an unexpected turn. I have returned to dancing in the last 2 weeks. One of my old dance teachers is celebrating 25 years of her dance school and has asked some of her ex pupils back to take part in her show this July. It is still early days but I am loving it! Tapping is my absolute favourite and Anne is an excellent choreographer. I feel excited and enthused by it all!


So tonight for the first time since injuring my foot at class 8 years ago, I am back tap dancing. I am nervous and excited in equal measure!


Noticing the small things are crucial at work and I’d like to think I am pretty damn good at that.

However I must make more of an effort to notice the small things. Photograph more again. I used to do a photo a day project. I managed 3 years in a row then 6 months last year. I am not saying I will do that again but trying to notice the small things can make a bad day better.

I am doing well with my photo a day. I decided to give it another go. A photo every day so far. I love looking at them. You can too on my pages. They are also on Flickr.
February so far


So there wasn't enough for a Snow Day but there was quite a lot of snow. Here is the view from my classroom before the heavy stuff arrived. We had a lovely time playing with the kids


I really love to learn. I have found Twitter great for learning and enjoyed my first TeachMeet in Stockport towards the end of the year, with the fab MrP leading the way with ideas. I am looking forward to NorthernRocks in Leeds and hopefully also an SEN TeachMeet in Oxford.

Away from work learning I plan to help my boy with his learning. He is 4 and a half nearly and loving school life. He makes me smile on a daily basis.

So I made it to my first teachmeet and really enjoyed it. I sadly wont be making the sen one this week but I am booked in to be presenting for the first time at another TM in April. Eek! Still looking forward to Northern Rocks.

B is doing so well at school. He has taken phonics and reading by the horns and is doing so well. I love sitting with him as he reads and works out new words. His fluency is developing too. It’s a joy. His writing is also improving. He is following in mummy’s footsteps and appears to be a left hander too. Welcome to a right-handed world B. I will help you along the tricky road.


B has two sides to him at the moment; the dancer and the school boy! He loves dancing to music videos, Up Town Funk and YMCA are his favourites. He also has a real love of writing and phonics at the moment too. All this makes for a fun boy!


This is tricky. I do volunteer my time as staff governor at work. It’s hard on meeting night not getting home till v late but I do enjoy it.

I will aim to help where I can with the PTA at B’s school. I can’t do most things but where I can, I will!

I have been to a few PTA meetings and helped at the Cinema night. Was lovely to see the children in their own environment.

So there we are. Not bad. I continue to work hard and make sure there is lots of time for friends and family as well as trying to fit in the ever increasing work load!
Why don’t you give it a go?